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Firemonkey App Framework FAF (1)

For over two years now I am working on a framework for my mobile projects .
Why another „Framework“ ? Just want to make my work easier, FAF allows me to setup a working, deployable prototype of an app within less than an hour.

  • Using App- and ViewController (extendable to MVC).
  • Every view comes with an container form inherited from a common base form for easy design per platform (+ IUIView interface).
  • A view can be „fullscreen“ (thus hiding content of Mainform) or embedded.
  • Standard Views are Splash, Setup, Login, Settings, Main (in contrast to Application.Mainform)
  • MainForm comes with TMultiView Menu and a basic IMainView interface
  • On startup for every view a TViewInfo is registered.
  • At runtime the view’s content layout is assigned the main form container as parent
  • Views can be closed or stacked (hidden)n controlled by a TUIViewController with a  TUIViewStack.
  • Templates for views like Splash, Login, Setup, Settings, Main etc
  • Very basic preparations for multi language
  • Local storage for data

Working on

  • (Better) usage of TMultiView Menu
  • Global Color and Font Settings via Code, XML, JSON etc
  • Core Structure for MVC and / or MVVM
  • Dependency Injection Container / IoC
  • More View Templates
  • Multi Language
  • etc. (enough ideas)

I have a version with a DependencyInjection container but so far any code in the implementation section did not work properly. Still checking.

Due to bugs not working in 10.1 Berlin properly.