RemObject Elements 8.4 Alpha

RemObjects gets to the next level with the first alpha released as it adds 2 new platforms

  • Linux CPU-Native code
  • Win32/64 CPU-Native code

to the existing three: .NET/mono, iOS/OS X and Java/Android.


Delphi 10.x :: PAClient Exit Code 1

This is a nasty one and IMHO Embarcadero did a really bad job here !

  • switch PAServer-17.0 in terminal window with „v“ to verbose output
  • check last line in terminal window
  • if it looks similar to this
    „/usr/bin/codesign“ –deep -s „iPhone Developer: Michael Jung (…)“ -f „/Users/jung/PAServer/scratch-dir/jung-MyMac/“
  • copy and paste this line in a new terminal window
  • hit enter and check the message you get
  • the error message will be about „ambiguous certificates …“
  • check you keychain accordingly

Why not just catch and show the result of the codesign utility ?

Delphi 10.x :: iOS Output: Err=Unable to mount Developer Disk Image. (E800000E)

Next error … becoming a real nightmare.

  • Xcode up-to-date
  • Command line tools installed and up-to-date
  • Certificate valid and up-to-date
  • Provisioning profile valid and up-to-date
  • SDK up-to-date
  • iPhone iOS up-to-date
  • iPhone registered as developer device
  • iPhone Provisioning profile installed
  • tested that Xcode can compile, deploy and run an app on my iPhone

Anything missing or else I can do ?

Maybe I found the reason for as I checked and found

  •  (13E230)/DeveloperDiskImage.dmg
  • but with latest iOS update we have iOS 9.3 (13F69)

Is this causing all the trouble now ???

Delphi 10.0 :: Chunked File Upload with IOS App leads to Server Exception EConvertError

The app I work on uploads image files in chunks (sent as TStringstream) with a final TMultipartformdata using THTTPClient..
This system works 100% on Android but on iOS the server raises exceptions like this

Exception EConvertError: Invalid URL-encoded char (%Yπ) at position 69

Tried anything with encoding but nothing helps.
The app is developed with Delphi 10.0 Seattle Update 1,
the server uses a dll developed with Delphi 2007.

Updates for OS X, iOS, iTunes

I had all the betas already installed (they worked without any problem) but the final release of 10.11.5 my Mac seems to be snappier.

There are so many complaints about iTunes, I had never any problems, neither with iTunes nor with Apple Music although I have collected over 100 GB of music plus musical pieces done by friends and some by myself.
I admit that the UI of iTunes is not the best and most logical but it served my needs and the new release makes no big changes but IMHO is a first step in the right direction.

Delphi 10.x :: Unable to install package. (e8008015)

For a week now I am searching for a solution for the problem with error e8008015 when trying to a iPhone for testing.
And why the heck do I mostly have to reboot my Mac after shutting down PAServer-17-0 ? EIdCouldNotBindSocket ! This is ridiculous, annoying and frustrating.

Funny, just now my VM froze after clicking on „Test Connection“ in Connection Profile Manager  ( without words… )

So do it again Sam !

  • Kill delphi …
  • shutdown VM
  • reboot Mac
  • start VM
  • start PAServer-17.0
  • start Delphi
  • try deploy, pray and hope …
  • Nope, again e8008015

I have one developer account, one certificate, one provisioning profile, one device !
On the Mac is all set, so what ???