FAF – FireMonkey App Framework – Basics

Some basics of the framework

  • Application.Mainform is the one and only „MainWindow“ which is visible throughout the lifecycle of an app
  • „MainWindow“ is used as a container for any other „view“ of the app
  • a view is a layout carried by hidden form which is created / disposed as needed
  • use of TForm as container for easy definition of layouts per device in IDE
  • a view is displayed by changing parent to „MainWindow“
  • going down in view hierarchy a view is put on a „history“ stack
  • going up in hierarchy current view is disposed and view on top of „history“ stack is displayed
  • „Back“ button is checking for special handling by a view before stack
  • view templates: splash, login, about, settings, main, list, image etc
  • on startup all necessary views are registered with an alias, formclass, etc

work in progress

  • notifications
  • preferences
  • persistent settings
  • application events
  • SQLite integration
  • multi language