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Delphi 10.x :: FireMonkey Cross-platform

Still working on problems with chunked file upload. Really crazy how much time is wasted with problems by different handling of HTTP in components and/or platforms.

I think that there still are quite a few bugs in FireMonkey internal but making demos to reproduce problems would need an huge amount of time (weeks or even months) I am not willing to invest as everyone I need to earn money for living.

But I will gather all infos and post them here.

Delphi 10.x :: MSBuild, rsvars.bat and BDSCOMMONDIR

MSBuild uses ..\Studio\XX.0\bin\rsvars.bat to set the environment and quite a few people seem to use MSBuild for many things ( I admit I never directly used it yet).

One task it is used for is installation of packages (like TMS Subscription Manager does for example) . And here comes the pitfall:
If you changed  BDSCOMMONDIR  (where Bpls, Dcps etc are saved in sub folders) in options this change is not reflected in rsvars.bat, it still uses the standard path.

As Uwe Raab mentioned in a comment on google+  – and I add this for clarification – Bpl’s, Dcp’s are stored in subfolders of BDSCOMMONDIR as defined on the library page for each platform. I just override BDSCOMMONDIR to move everything away from my C:\ drive and I would except from an IDE that a change in one place of environmental settings is reflected everywhere.
But this again might be „by contract“ or „by design“.</sarcasm off>

Delphi 10.x :: GetIt -> JEDI JCL Installer not working as intended

  • Installation from GetIt in Delphi 10.0
  • Installer wanted to install all 4 versions so said no to „keep installation values“
    (wrong values for advanced options)
  • But started immediately installation without letting me edit / change installation values
  • compiler crashed somewhere in the width of installation but went on after click on „Abort“ in exception dialog
  • deinstallation shows dialog for registration of HTML Help 2.0 files ??
  • another  -1 for GetIt
  • going back to manual installation

Delphi 10.0 :: Chunked File Upload with IOS App leads to Server Exception EConvertError

The app I work on uploads image files in chunks (sent as TStringstream) with a final TMultipartformdata using THTTPClient..
This system works 100% on Android but on iOS the server raises exceptions like this

Exception EConvertError: Invalid URL-encoded char (%Yπ) at position 69

Tried anything with encoding but nothing helps.
The app is developed with Delphi 10.0 Seattle Update 1,
the server uses a dll developed with Delphi 2007.